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As an introverted only child I found myself reading a lot of books growing up. A LOT. That has stuck with me and a few years ago my husband gave me a book journal to keep track of all that I was reading. After giving up my lifestyle blog earlier in the year I found myself missing the writing part  and suddenly realized that hey, I read a lot, I review these books on my own- why don't I start blogging about them?

So The Book Hive was born.

A little bit about the site: under the "Bookshelf" tab is a list of the main genres I will be covering but all of the genres will also be on the right sidebar. "The Buzz" will be for posts that are reading lists or books news- new releases, guest posts, etc.

My goal is to have this blog be a springboard for discussion so please share your thoughts on books in the comments or reach out if you have specific books you'd like to see covered (or if you are interested in guest posting!).

And finally, make sure to join the Facebook page for more personal & ongoing book discussions!

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