The Buzz // 6.2.17

via The Londoner

Book News:

How TV shows are borrowing literary techniques. Which may very well explain the renaissance of television that is happening these days.

First there was George & his art, now there's Bill writing a thriller. Presidential hobbies are getting more creative!

Planning a long summer road trip (we're driving from Virginia to Cape Cod & back, twice!)? Hilarious audiobook recommendations to make the drive a little less painful.

A review of the new NYC Amazon brick-and-mortar store. Which makes it sound like this is not the bookstore for those who love to read & actually enjoy perusing book stores. I have yet to walk into one- do you have any thoughts on Amazon stores?

And Some Great Reads:

A thought provoking article- the difference between imitation & inspiration. Thanks to the internet we have endless sources for inspiration & I like the list of how to make sure you don't totally cross over into imitation. Good to be aware of.

Fun fact: my senior seminar was on First Ladies, so I've always had an affinity for their role in the White House. And with Melania not taking on some of the modern expected duties it will be interesting to see how the new White House social secretary does in her job. It's definitely not all parties & frivolity so enjoyed reading this article!

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