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In my fantasy life I will have moved to Paris at some point, frequenting cafes & riding my vespa (which always plays a key role in these fantasy lives as I'm a complete klutz & this seems like a very bad real-life idea). I'll be involved in writing somehow & spend my weekends exploring while also improving my French, which after 6 years of lessons you'd think I'd be able to say more than four words. Naturally I will be able to eat all the delicious food & not gain weight as this is my fantasy life & I'm going to look chic in it!

Clearly none of the above is going to happen (especially the vespa) so instead I like to live vicariously through the memoirs of people moving to France & discovering Parisian life. Apparently I am not the only one as this seems to be a very popular theme & there's a lot to choose from. In case you too are getting wanderlust & want to live out your French dream, here's a list of Paris memoirs to hold you over!

The summaries are short as most of these memoirs follow the same formula: woman struggling, impulsively moves to Paris, falls in love (sometimes the love comes before the move), navigates Parisian life. Food is involved to a certain extent & sometimes a child or two is thrown in.

Regardless of the predictable formula since these are memoirs each woman shares a different take on her experience & it's still fun to live vicariously through their Paris.

A Paris Year // Part journal & part memoir this book chronicles the daily experiences of the author while also sharing the history & culture of Paris.

Lunch in Paris // Woman falls in love, cooks & eats a lot of Parisian food, adjusts to Parisian life.

My Part Time Paris Life // Lisa impulsively buys an apartment in Paris after her mother dies, where she tries to grieve, find herself & adjust to life as an ex-pat all at once.

My Life in France // You cannot go wrong with a classic! Julia Child's memoir of discovering French cuisine & exploring the French culture is hands down the all-time American living in France memoir.

Paris, My Sweet // An American girl gets a job in Paris & explores her new city & all the sweet treats that it offers.

Almost French // Sarah meets a man, starts to fall for him, & follows him to Paris where (you guessed it) she navigates her new French life. 

How to Make a French Family // An American marries a widowed Frenchmen & attempts to adjust to her new country as well as being a stepmother to her French children.

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