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As I've started to discover more book blogs I've come across the term "literary lifestyle". The Ardent Biblio describes it as:

Living a literary lifestyle is a way of interacting with the world through a literary lens. It's weaving books and reading into the fabric of your everyday life, and celebrating that in all ways, big or small.

This term has really resonated with me because reading is such a integral part of my life. The idea that being a book lover is a part of your lifestyle & not merely a hobby or something to do to help you sleep is a wonderful concept.

Reading can be such a solitary activity but part of the literary lifestyle idea is that you're sharing your love of books with other. From book clubs to conversations with friends to scouting out unique book stores- all of it involves sharing a love of books with others.

As a mom the sharing my love of reading has become a bigger priority. I've also struggled a bit with finding friends in my neighborhood since we moved 3 years ago & recently had a light bulb moment of starting a book club. What better way to connect with new people than through books?

So as I move forward with this blog I want to have more posts with this loose concept in mind- sharing the book club adventures plus some literary lifestyle inspiration!

Do you love this term as much as me?

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