The Night Circus

Author: Erin Morgenstern
Publisher: Anchor Books

Summary: A magical circus that is only open at night, the striped black & white tents appearing with no warning or notice. Inside the tents are a labyrinth of stunning new worlds & logic defying performers. Le Cirque des Rêves (the Circus of Dreams) leaves just as suddenly as it appears, taking with it the secrets of why the circus exists & how. 

Behind the scenes the circus is being controlled & created by two young magicians, Celia & Marco, who are bonded into a challenge from a young age. Neither one knows the rules, including who their opponent is or how the challenge actually ends. They secretly use their magic to create one fantastical tent after another, feeding off of each other's creativity & raising the stakes while still unaware of exactly what that means. Others involved begin to notice some strange things that are happening to them since the circus has opened & those odd occurrences begin to slowly affect the circus itself. 
My Thoughts: I loved this novel, so much so that I would rank it as one of my all-time favorites. It is absolutely stunning & creates a beautiful (if sometimes dark) fantasy world that totally engulfs you. As someone who is not a big "fantasy" genre reader I appreciated that the setting was Victorian England & that the magic was a layer on top of this very real world. Celia & Marco are the main characters but the book is really about the circus itself: the people who work in it, the magic that creates it, the rêveurs or dreamers who follow it around. The plot is not a lightening quick page turner & it takes a little bit to fully get into the beginning as the groundwork for the novel is set down. But once you're in it you're fully into this world of the circus & the world Erin Morgenstern has created.

The Night Circus, much like the circus itself, has a definite cult following. The author has not released another novel as of yet (the book was published in 2011) & while the film rights have been bought there has been no movement on creating it into a movie. This kind of adds to the mystique of the novel since a) it's very clear that Morgenstern is talented & b) the setting would make for a perfect Hollywood movie. 




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