On My Nightstand // Nov. 2017

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Today I'm joining Modern Mrs.Darcy in my very first book link-up, sharing what I've been reading this past month. While I normally am someone who sticks to one book at a time I've found that between adding in some work books, my normal reading, & trying to get through the classics I'm now balancing multiple books at once. The pile on my actual nightstand is getting a little large!

Anna Karenina // Leo Tolstoy

I have a long list of classic novels to get through but never seem to actually just pick them up & read. So I decided to make a goal of 50 pages a week & to slowly start to get into the habit of reserving one evening solely for the classics. Anna Karenina may be an ambitious start to this goal but I figured start off big!

I actually got inspired after listening to this Rough Translation podcast.(Also one of my favorite new podcasts- go download!).


A Moonless, Starless Sky: Ordinary Women and Men Fighting Extremism in Africa // Alexis Okeowo 

Four stories of ordinary people pursuing their path in modern Africa and resisting the wave of fundamentalism. This one is a combined work/home book, as another reading goal has been to actually start on this pile of books I've managed to collect to build up my own knowledge to teach. BUT this one is so good that I would not put it in the "global politics nerd" category so would highly recommend it to general readers!


And Then There Were None and Ordeal by Innocence  // Agatha Christie

I used to be obsessed with Agatha Christie & had a large stack in my closet growing up (which was where the book overflow was, since my bookcase was jammed pack. I was super cool.). It might have been middle school? It's been awhile & with the "Murder on the Orient Express" coming out I decided it was time to reacquaint myself with Christie.

I haven't started these because I just picked them up from the library, but chose them because And Then There Were None is one of her best known & Ordeal by Innocence was going to be a BBC miniseries but has been the latest project cancelled due to the recent wave of Hollywood allegations. The plot sounded intriguing, so the book it is!


The Rohingyas: Inside Myanmar's Hidden Genocide // Azeem Ibrahim

Obviously my work book- I've been keeping a book here to read on some of my planning periods as these are heavier content books that I'm not exactly wanting to pick up before bedtime. Plus it's me so there's lots of highlighting & note taking involved!

This is certainly not a casual pick up & read book so I would suggest this article to get a good background on what is happening in Myanmar.


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