The Buzz // 11.21.17

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How is it already Thanksgiving week? While I am pretty excited for the holidays it definitely has creeped up on me! Today will be my daughter's first Thanksgiving school lunch, which I'm pretty psyched about going to. And then we're off to visit my parents in Williamsburg.

As an only child these holidays were always fairly quiet around my house & while I'm sure my own children will take care of that quiet part I do like how fairly relaxed it is. We have some crafts, a tablecloth to color in (no fancy linens for the almost 2 & 4 year old!) & may go down to Colonial Williamsburg to walk around. Just good ol' family time, taking it easy & enjoying the beginning of a hopefully not too stressful holiday season.

So Happy Thanksgiving & here's some book related links to relax with:

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed I'm in the midst of a #12daysofbookstagram challenge. I'm new to this world so follow along & get lots of good book inspo through the hashtag!

Anyone else joining in the Agatha Christie kick that's happening right now? Did you know she had a 11 day mysterious disappearance? Turns out she's just as fascinating as her novels!

Dreading a Thanksgiving political discussion? Try talking about one of these books instead.

And speaking of that list of books, download the audiobook of Tom Hanks' Uncommon Type. He narrates it & is of course delightful.

An interesting read on what podcasts are doing to our brains. And how we may need some more quiet.

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