4 Ways for Making Reading a Part of Your Routine

"How do you find so much time to read?" is something that I get asked a lot. The short answer is that I prioritize reading. For me it's the easiest and best way to decompress so climbing into bed with a book is the evening norm. But I've also started to pick up a book more often at random times so thought I'd share some of the times I incorporate reading into my routine.

1. Downtime while the kids play. Unless you don't have kids & this is turned into just down time (make it happen!). But thanks to my kids becoming more independent & wanting to play with each other more, I've found that I have some time to "myself" where I need to be near them but am not actually needed/wanted in terms of interacting with them (so it begins).

I've started to use this time to pick up a physical book to read. There's always some chores to do but taking some time to just model reading a book is a good thing for kids to see, so it's a justified way to take a break! (I've been relying more on actual books versus my Kindle app so they don't just see me with a tablet).

2. Weekday mornings. At first my goal was to get up early & work out. But since I'm not a morning person this is a struggle. I've decided the first step is to just consistently wake up early & have been reading a book instead (working out then in the evening).

Even waking up 30 minutes earlier to spend a little quiet & peaceful time reading is a great way to relax yourself before a busy day. I use the Kiwake app to make sure I don't snooze (& it's cured my oversleeping tendencies!).

3. Evenings instead of T.V. There are choices that have to be made when it comes to entertainment & I started to reserve a certain number of evenings as books only. Or one episode, then reading time. Finding balance between the two is key- it's made me be more intentional about what I watch (note that it doesn't mean I only watch good shows- my Bravo addiction is still in full force).

4. Waiting rooms & other moments you usually play on your phone. It's something I have had to purposefully think about but I've become better about throwing a book in my bag when I know I have an appointment or something else where I may have time to kill. The phone is easy & I still have my moments of Instagram scrolling but it feels much more rewarding to open a book. I always bring one to my longer appointments, like the hair dresser.

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  1. Great tips! I always have a phone downloaded onto my phone in case I find myself with unexpected down time and don't have a book with me. It's definitely something you have to be intentional about.


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