As an introverted only child with no coordination, books were my favorite way to pass the time. I have always loved getting lost in a good story and as a high school teacher appreciate the need to constantly be learning. While most of my time is spent either teaching or with my family, my evenings are usually spent with a book (though I do admit a weakness for Bravo shows too).

I've long kept a journal of books I've read but figured putting it online would open up a conversation and give others the chance to check out my bookshelf! The Book Hive is aimed to be a community, so please comment away and share your thoughts on the books you've loved (or hated) and read!


About the Bees: 

The bees are my rating system, to go along with the "hive" theme. In general this is what each number of bees mean:

My absolute favorite, life-changing books. I do not take 5 bee books lightly! 

Really good books that are well written but don't quite make the list of books to read over & over again throughout my life.  

These are the mediocre books that are entertaining but either aren't well written enough or the plot is not quite up to par. Some may be beach reads or the like, so enjoyable but not fine literature.

 Not recommended but there may be some redeeming quality in the book. For the most part though this is not a great book to read (in my opinion).
I'm not giving a rating of zero so these are going to be books I just really did not like.

The Book Hive does use affiliate links, meaning if you purchase an item from the link I will receive a percentage from the item. 

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